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About Us

Bawa GC has been dealing in commercial and private property renovations for 20+ years. Our expert team members are efficient at getting the job done on time. From day one, we strive for customer satisfaction and timely project delivery.


You Dream The Interiors - We Make It Comes True

Bawa GC is a professional general contracting company specializing in interior and exterior renovations. Our services are available throughout Maryland, so if your property comes in this region, we're the best general contracting company you'll ever find. We have been a reliable choice in the construction and renovation industry for a considerably long time. With more than 20 years of combined experience, our experts guarantee an efficient and responsive handling of projects. We are passionate about customization and craftsmanship of properties and our enthusiasm is reflected in our beautiful renovations. Thanks to our experienced team members, we can handle almost any project, no matter how complex it is. On our website, you can find examples of diverse projects we have completed in the past.

Our working methods include the use of - advanced tools, premium materials and a customer-centric approach. Before getting started with a project, we first sit down for a meeting with you to take into consideration both your wishes and requirements. Moreover, we can also provide you with a 3D design which will give you an idea of our overall understanding of the project. Besides, we also offer a personalized quote to better prepare for your project and resort to working as soon as possible. Moreover, our costs are reasonable. We can discuss it one-on-one so that we can find common ground in the construction or repair of your home. So all you have to do is imagine your space and let us turn it into a reality.

Our Vision

Being the leading interior and exterior renovation company in Maryland, we have a huge responsibility towards providing excellent quality services. For more than 20 years now, we have been fulfilling this responsibility with our best efforts. From day one, our vision has been to offer premium quality renovation services to our customers, and get the job done before the decided time.

We are proud to say that, there hasn't been a time when we haven't fulfilled our obligation to our respected customers. You have given us one of your precious assets - your space, funds, time. Experts at Bawa GC make sure that you get 101% returns on your investment in our services.

When it comes to the long-term work-approach of Bawa GC, we have planned to adapt to the evolving market changes and customer demand. To be more specific, the vision of our company is to deliver exceptional work in a stipulated time. It's not just the vision of the founders, but every member who has been a part of our construction family shares the same vision.

Moreover, we also make sure that our experts don't just keep this vision as “a point to remember” in their minds - but also put full efforts to walk our company on the dedicated path, helping achieve our business goals. We'll continue to leverage our expertise and 20+ years of market experience to offer consistent results and 100% satisfaction to our clients.

Our Mission

We are specialized in enhancing your property's exterior and interior appearance, making it reflect more appealing vibes. Bawa GC has everything you need in a construction company - hands-on experience, great expertise, reasonable prices, keen creative eye and much more. We believe in fulfilling all the requirements of our customer, without even missing a single one, and portraying their ideas in their designs exactly how they wanted and expected from us.

For more than 20 years, we have been helping our customers bring long-lasting comfort and style into their spaces with our interior and exterior renovation solutions. Our mission at Bawa GC is to keep our existing clients while expanding our client list. Not only that but we are also obligated to provide the best craftsmanship and value support to our customers who have trusted us with their space.

Over our years of existence in the market, we have been committed to fulfilling these missions. Our commitments towards these simple yet crucial goals have helped us earn trust, respect and lots of clients who, often, go out of their league to recommend our services and praise our work to their neighbours, family and closest friends.

Although our mission is straightforward and simple, it's not as easy as it might appear to fulfil them. But despite facing lots of potholes on our way to customer satisfaction, we have never failed in completing our mission even once. We assure you that we'll keep working, no matter how hard the circumstances hit us, to give best services to our beloved customers.


We do renovations, construction, or work on adding extra additions which last for a lifetime. To know how we can help you create the space just like you want, fill out the form below with the appropriate details. Later, our design and build experts team will connect shortly to understand your requirements thoroughly and serve you with the very best.

Frequently Asked Question

How long will it take to complete the renovation?
There is no fixed time. It is because the time taken to complete a project varies from customer to customer. But we can give you an exact idea of the deadline after having thorough details of the project from your end. Connect now to request for a proposal!
What all cities do you provide services in?
We provide our interior and exterior renovation services throughout Maryland. To book commercial and residential renovation, fill out our inquiry form, and our experts will get back to you as soon as possible.
What type of interior and exterior services do you offer?
We offer interior renovations for the kitchen, bathroom and basement area along with painting, and drywall. On the other hand, exterior renovation services include adding additions, decks, patios, roofing, siding, gutters, driveway, and concrete.
In terms of experience, how old is your company in the market?
With 20 years of combined hands-on experience, Bawa GC is one of the best and top general contracting companies in Maryland. Our long list of satisfied clientele whom we served with the best testifies for us.
I want to book your services, how can I contact you?
You can go to the CONTACT US section and fill in required details to connect with us. Moreover, you can also fill out the inquiry form we have shared above. As soon as we receive your details, we'll connect with you.
How will you design the interiors or exteriors of my property?
At Bawa GC, we follow a systematic approach; we first design your project's working process and then get started with actual renovation. After this, our experts get started with completing it within the stipulated time.
Why should I trust you with my dream home?
Bawa GC is undoubtedly one of the leading general contracting and renovation services provider companies in Maryland. If you would like to know why we are the best choice for you then have a look at our portfolio. Our long list of satisfied customers have trusted us with their homes and commercial property and we served them in an exceptional manner. Our expertise and thorough understanding of how to proceed with renovation make us a reliable choice.
I have an idea but don't know how to put it into my space?
Got an idea that you want to portray in your property's interiors? That’s all we need. Experts at Bawa GC will listen to your ideas and create impressive designs for your renovations to showcase those ideas in the best possible way.
What if something comes up with my renovation in the future?
If you experience any issue with your interior or exterior in the future, we'll take care of it. Bawa GC offers the highest quality after-renovation support that you can rely upon even after years of renovation. Although, no such issue has come up till now.
What is the quality of material you use for the renovation?
Bawa GC is a well-known general contracting company dedicated to customer satisfaction. Our core values such as integrity, diligence, transparency etc encourages us to follow right practices while serving you. We only make use of the highest quality materials while renovating or remodeling your house.


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