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What We Dream?

Committed to renovating your spaces for a lifetime

Home Renovation is an uphill task, but it's a cakewalk with Bawa GC by your side. Whether you wish to remodel your space interiors or looking to add something to the exteriors, we excel at doing it in the best possible manner. Updating or renovating your house or commercial property can drastically level up its aesthetics and increase its value. Our experts have all the skills and tools needed to offer you exceptional results.

Bawa GC has been committed to breathing new life into residential and commercial properties. We deeply understand what your space means to you and how your emotions are attached to it. Thus, we combine elegance and sophistication to render excellent interior and exterior remodeling services in Maryland. No matter what is the size of your project or what elements you want us to add, for us, all are equally important. While working on your project, our sole intention is not just to deliver the final product but to bestow you with a wonderful, hassle-free, and memorable experience. Sounds interesting, right?

Give us a call to get help from licensed professional experts. We are excited to get started and discuss your requirements.

What We Strive For?

Renovating Your Dream Living Space Exactly How You Want

Our way of working isn't solely about meeting your needs or the deadline. At Bawa GC, we strive to transform the lives of our clients by catering to their requirements in an unprecedented manner. We just don't get started right from the first instance; instead of this, we follow a full-fledged streamlined process. After connecting with you, our team of professionals will first pay a visit to your residential or commercial space to determine how it looks, what can be done further and how your future needs can be met. We do so to seamlessly do interior or exterior renovations or add customized additions that resonate with your lifestyle and requirements. Our design team carefully crafts innovative designs that are both modern and creative.

Along with considering your requirements, we share the designs created by our team with you to ensure you are satisfied with them and know what we will be doing. We follow each and every step solemnly to ensure we exceed your expectations. Whatever you are looking forward to accomplishing whether it be interior remodeling or exterior services, Bawa GC team will help you achieve it. We always come up with extraordinary designs by combining our knowledge with unwavering passion for doing something spectacular. We wish to become your renovating services partner by understanding the issues you are facing, giving appropriate solutions, and turning your vision into reality.


We do renovations, construction, or work on adding extra additions which last for a lifetime. To know how we can help you create the space just like you want, fill out the form below with the appropriate details. Later, our design and build experts team will connect shortly to understand your requirements thoroughly and serve you with the very best.

Our Attractive Range of Home Renovation Services

Bawa GC is committed to transforming the properties of our customers into more attractive versions. We offer a wide variety of interior and exterior renovation services. Here are the details:

Interior Renovation Service

Building Elegant, Functional & Thoughtful Interiors

We just don't renovate interiors; we instill life into them by adding the missing aesthetics and making them more functional. Our interior designers always aim to ensure the end result meets your expectation. We know that the interior is an integral part of every house and commercial property. Thus, we remodel your space by rendering excellent interior renovation services in Maryland. By coupling your vision with our creative ideas, we renovate your existing space to highly functional and elegant spaces that complement the rest of the house, and reflect your lifestyle in an excellent manner. Are you ready to give your interiors an attractive new look that makes everyone go WOW? Call now or drop a text at our given contact details.

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Exterior Renovation Service

It's not about outer experience, it's about leveling up the overall appearance.

Like interiors, the exteriors are equally important, but people often overlook them. Are you looking forward to making optimal use of extra space available or adding some additions like porches, decks, or any other exterior structure? Bawa GC is here to help. Excellent exteriors not only level up the outer appearance of your property but also encourage you to embrace the picturesque view. No matter what your requirements are, our exterior remodeling services in Maryland are here to offer guidance, inspiration, and help with the renovations. Moreover, if you want to dramatically level up the first impression of your space, then exterior renovation is all you need. Connect with us to give your home a quick makeover.

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Why Choose Bawa GC? - Best Home Remodelling Company in Maryland

Discover what makes us unique compared to others.

We just don't talk or give you ideas; we make it happen. Bawa GC is a renowned home remodeling company in Maryland, serving clients since 2012. Not only in Maryland, but we are also widely known in the surrounding areas as well. Our transparent and diligent way of offering interior and exterior renovation services sets us apart from others. Read the following points to know why our clients choose us over others:

Customer satisfaction

Our services are designed to satisfy the diverse needs of various customers. From the start to the end of the project, our priority is satisfying your expectations and giving you the best possible results.

Reasonable Rates

The primary reason why our customers pick us every single time is that our renovation costs are highly reasonable. Despite being economic, the quality of our services and support is top-notch, just the way you wish.

Licensed And Insured Contractors

Bawa GC is a license, insured and bonded General Contracting company. Every Bawa GC team member is highly competent and known for their professionalism. While working on your project, we take responsibility for each and everything.

Warranty Guaranteed

Yes, we offer a warranty. We aren't someone who works on your project and then elopes. We warranty our labor work, and if any issues persist, then you can get back to us without feeling hesitant. We will serve you as soon as possible.


We are a leading family-owned and operated general contracting company in Maryland. We offer full transparency throughout the renovation process. At Bawa GC, you will never be charged with any hidden and un-communicated charges.

Reliable Services

You tell us about your dream home, and we'll make it ready for you just as you imagined. We ensure that you receive value for every penny and time you spend on it. Thus, investing in our services is a win-win deal.

Things We Can Assure You With

Imagine this - you dream of having a better and highly attractive home or an office space. And when you open your eyes, you see your dream become a reality. We at Bawa GC excel at meeting your requirements and bestowing you with the best always. Some things that we can assure you with:

Bawa GC isn't like any other general contracting company; the way we work sets us apart from others. Our team is a unique collaboration of tradesmen, designers, and builders. They are all dedicated to transforming your existing property into an attractive and long-lasting space.
Whether it's about interior or exterior remodeling, Bawa GC offers both types of renovation services in Maryland under one roof. The best part, these services are value for money and meant to level up the overall aesthetics of your space. With our expert designers, you can portray your ideas into well-formatted designs in the best way possible.
With over 20+ years of combined professional experience in interior and exterior renovation and design-building, Bawa GC chooses designs strategically that fit our client's budgets as well as requirements. Our systematic approach to design selection allows us to give exceptional results to our customers.
We follow a well-structured process when it comes to renovating your residential or commercial property, interior or exterior. This customer-dedicated process is transparent, allowing customers to have an overall idea of the end result. Moreover, it is also one of our secret ingredients to achieve desired results for your project.
Our clientele knows us for delivering unprecedented results. All thanks to our experts who work diligently on every project to achieve the desired results, irrespective of its size and requirements. Our team has a keen eye for details, and they heed to every step closely, so you always end up with an attractive space.

Our Projects

Working in the industry for nearly 20+ years, we have transformed many properties into an imaginary reality - dreams that people assumed were impossible to be portrayed in their homes. We are masters at building our customer's dream space within their budget. Have a look at some of our exceptional work:

Frequently Asked Question

How long will it take to complete the renovation?
There is no fixed time. It is because the time taken to complete a project varies from customer to customer. But we can give you an exact idea of the deadline after having thorough details of the project from your end. Connect now to request for a proposal!
What all cities do you provide services in?
We provide our interior and exterior renovation services throughout Maryland. To book commercial and residential renovation, fill out our inquiry form, and our experts will get back to you as soon as possible.
What type of interior and exterior services do you offer?
We offer interior renovations for the kitchen, bathroom and basement area along with painting, and drywall. On the other hand, exterior renovation services include adding additions, decks, patios, roofing, siding, gutters, driveway, and concrete.
In terms of experience, how old is your company in the market?
With 20 years of combined hands-on experience, Bawa GC is one of the best and top general contracting companies in Maryland. Our long list of satisfied clientele whom we served with the best testifies for us.
I want to book your services, how can I contact you?
You can go to the CONTACT US section and fill in required details to connect with us. Moreover, you can also fill out the inquiry form we have shared above. As soon as we receive your details, we'll connect with you.
How will you design the interiors or exteriors of my property?
At Bawa GC, we follow a systematic approach; we first design your project's working process and then get started with actual renovation. After this, our experts get started with completing it within the stipulated time.
Why should I trust you with my dream home?
Bawa GC is undoubtedly one of the leading general contracting and renovation services provider companies in Maryland. If you would like to know why we are the best choice for you then have a look at our portfolio. Our long list of satisfied customers have trusted us with their homes and commercial property and we served them in an exceptional manner. Our expertise and thorough understanding of how to proceed with renovation make us a reliable choice.
I have an idea but don't know how to put it into my space?
Got an idea that you want to portray in your property's interiors? That’s all we need. Experts at Bawa GC will listen to your ideas and create impressive designs for your renovations to showcase those ideas in the best possible way.
What if something comes up with my renovation in the future?
If you experience any issue with your interior or exterior in the future, we'll take care of it. Bawa GC offers the highest quality after-renovation support that you can rely upon even after years of renovation. Although, no such issue has come up till now.
What is the quality of material you use for the renovation?
Bawa GC is a well-known general contracting company dedicated to customer satisfaction. Our core values such as integrity, diligence, transparency etc encourages us to follow right practices while serving you. We only make use of the highest quality materials while renovating or remodeling your house.


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